Monkey: A Thematic Wordbook

A playful thematic wordbook designed to inform children about monkeys and key facts about their ways of life. The children’s layout design and illustrations were customized to convey the message presented on the pages. The typography is placed as if you were following across the page with your finger with a child. The custom hand drawn illustrations were created to keep the children attentive throughout the spreads.

In my class we were assigned to create a thematic wordbook about any topic or theme we aspired to do. I am an aunt of two young nephews and they are in love with cute and playful monkeys. My inspiration came from their favorite stuffed animals of monkeys that surround their toy room. I then did some research and found information that could be visually conveyed through illustrations for the readers. I chose to design in a colorful palette to intrigue a younger audience as they look at the book. I used the iPad Pro and pencil to hand draw all the illustrations for a more playful and younger inspired look.

I first started with hand sketches. The beginning was more rough drafts and layout ideas that continually become more in-depth and detailed. Once I had my type I was going to illustrate and the rough sketches I transferred the hand drawn pencil sketches to the iPad Pro application. I used the iPad Pro with the pencil to create the layers of color that transformed into my little illustrations. With layers on top of layers and many small details the illustrations came to life. The software I used (and highly suggest) on the iPad Pro was the Adobe sketch and draw applications. These applications are user friendly and easy to transfer to the computer. Once I was done illustrating my spreads I transferred to my computer directly to Adobe Illustrator. Within Adobe Illustrator I touched up rough edges and inserted my type into the format I thought visually conveyed the message the best.

I received good feedback on my layout design and craftmenship of the illustrations I drew. My two nephews love looking at this little book and enjoy laughing at the monkeys on the pages. I learned that I was passionate about design and that I needed to continue to learn more about illustrations to better enhance me as a designer.

Live and breathe design daily.

Emma Tisserand

I harness the passion and drive to create powerful and sophisticated designs that with my enthusiastic, organized and hardworking personality will set me apart from the crowd. My work encompasses the past experiences I have encountered throughout the nine countries I have immersed myself in. My future aspirations and personal commitment drives me to further enhance my skills and portfolio as I search for opportunities to join creative teams.