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Musicafy - Smart Home Sound Controller App Concept

Musicafy - Smart Home Sound Controller App Concept

Ama Alili
September 22, 2016
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Design the audio opportunities in a smart home eco system that includes:
— A research process
— Introduction of the opportunities
— GUI to interact the audio opportunities ( Either in mobile apps or in smart home control panels )

Main idea is giving simple and useful app controller to user. Colours must calm and help you to use everything easy.

Musicafy Sound Controller App helps you to find and connect your available speakers. You can select and stream one of the playlists which are created according to your home activities or your current mood. Amazing nature noises and special music depend on your local weather conditions are also available for streaming in the app

Used tools are Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator. It is easy for me to create icons in Illustrator then transform to Sketch. Photoshop helps me manipulate images and connect to Sketch App. These tools is more effective to create interface design especially Sketch App is the best modern tool for it.

Although this is a concept - people's reaction was excellent to this project. They want realisation of this project as well. However, I need engineers to develop this app and realise for users. I learned many things from this project that how users are important for designers.

Thank you for your time! I hope this app will help people to bring every single feeling to their home.

Amal Alili

23 years old Azerbaijan based graphic designer.

I always wanted to create something since my childhood and this desire helps me every time. I’m a person who has a high passion in design, illustration and different types of art.

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