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Comic book series 'EVER DID THAT?'

Comic book series 'EVER DID THAT?'

Paulina Tomaszewska
January 7, 2020
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These are the first two issues of the "EVER DID THAT?" Comic book series I created for Lufthansa Systems.
Established according to scenarios set by the client to educate, raise important topics in a friendly manner.
Due to the terms of the contract, the text in balloons is a secret.

The dynamic black outline with characteristic colors from the Lufthansa Systems identification are the main features of the style of the comic series.
The style appeared a little earlier on the occasion of another design that naturally matched the client's needs.

I started working on the first frame from sketches in pencil and black fineliner. When I liked the idea and composition I started to go further with the next scenes from the script. I photographed the sketches with an iPad and exported them to Procreate. There, with the help of an iPad pencil, a specific sketch was created in a black contour. I exported the ready sketch to Photoszop in a computer, which I gave on transparency and on a separate layer, I precisely gave characters, balloons and introduced texts, and finally the colors. I do most of the projects using a tablet Wacom Cintiq Pro. The final stage was the insertion of a ready comic into Adobe illustration, where I created the headline earlier.

The comics liked the employees of the Lufthansa system very much, I got the information immediately after the publication of the first comic ?
While working on the comic, I certainly learned to better show emotions in characters as well as tell stories through images, illustrations.
Cooperation of many tools at once works very well for me. I will use my experience in subsequent projects.
Describing this project I am already after the 6th issue of the comic, 13 are still ahead of me.
With each number I am going faster and faster, I have already developed a convenient system of work between programs and inside programs, e.g. lust in layers in PSD :)

I am grateful that my project was noticed, more issues will be published on Behance.

Paulina Tomaszewska

I am a illustrator and graphic designer from Poland. I currently live and work in my own Jelly FoxStudio in Gdańsk. I studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk and Bremen (Germany). I play with mixed media techniques: combination of graphite soft lead pencils, colored pencils, markers as well as many other kinds of digital painting. I love to draw, create graphics, shapes and make them into works of art. I love to photograph, capture beautiful images and the interesting moments. Basing on my ideas I create designs with great passion.

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