New York’s Kitchen

The project consists of an interior rendering personal image of a kitchen in New York. It has a modern but warm look, the render has a simple closed composition. Round lamps (fisherman) play with the curved, while the rest of the image has well-defined edges and hard lines. This contrast seems very interesting.

I came up with the idea with some inspiration I took from Behance, I saw a picture of a built kitchen which was similar in size. The materials to use took me a look of time since there were so many choices, finally, I decided with a simple concept so I made use of wood and the black color.

The image was made with 3ds max for modeling, V-Ray for rendering, and Adobe Photoshop for final touches. Before I was using SketchUp, but a year ago, I started using 3d Ray Max. Both programs are effective I think. The scene is simply illuminated with a rectangular VRay light in the window, and the sun. No HDRI.

Luckily people reacted very well and liked the images presented. I generally received good feedback, constructive criticism, and many visits in social networks. That’s always comforting and good. As always, I learned many things. Among them, optimize time and improve the materials used in the scenes.

Javier Wainstein