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NIKE 4D Executive Offices by Alexis Marcou

NIKE 4D Executive Offices by Alexis Marcou

Marianne Piano
December 14, 2015

Nike 4D stands for "The 4th Floor Design Project". Our artist, Alexis, was commissioned to do the graphic arts design of athletes Maria Sharapova, Ashton Eaton, Allyson Felix, Neymar, and Serena Williams on the walls to the stairwell and hallways leading to Nike's executive offices at the headquarters located in Beaverton, Oregon. Read on and enjoy!

The project was commissioned by Nike. The concept for this project came from them.

- Alexis Marcou



Nike 4D Moodboard


Using makeup pigment (left) to create particles in motion (right).

Acrylic on transparencies.

Acrylic on transparencies.


I began working on this on 2013 and it finished by beginning of 2015.

- Alexis Marcou






I used Adobe Photoshop, Canon EOS 6D, Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 100mm F/2 ZF, Zeiss Distagon T* 2/35, Watercolor, Makeup, Pencil on this project.

- Alexis Marcou



From plan to final.


I guess the one best advice I have is to practice as much as you can.

- Alexis Marcou


Alexis Marcou is a international freelance visual artist and has been working in this field since 2007. He always try to push his skills to a new level by combining his old methods with new materials. He likes to handle everything in his work from dealing with clients to writing interviews, to researching images on the web and even creating them by taking photos on his studio. He creates mood boards for almost every major job that he has. He also spends a lot of time working on how he will present his works. He likes to market his works very carefully throughout social media. In many cases he waits for 2 years before he presents his work. The Nike 4D project is a 2-year-old project. His wide range of clients include Nike, Air Jordan, Atomic Skis, BMW, Hewlett Packard, Gatorade, ESPN, Cisco and Acco Brands.

See more of his amazing artworks in Behance and his website.

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