Nintendo Switch VR

The VR experience anywhere! Nintendo’s iconic video game catalog has always been its number one strength. With the revolutionary new Nintendo Switch console coming out this March and its ability to transform from a home console into a portable one in a snap, bringing the Nintendo experience to Virtual Reality is the logical next step. Will the PlaystationVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Oculus Rift be able to complete with the VR versions of staples like Mario and Zelda?

More than just playing Nintendo Switch in VR, we can even imagine playing together with a multi-player VR experience: Compete with friends at home, play online with other Nintendo Switch users or link up to eight other Nintendo Switch systems to play legendary Nintendo games with friends in Virtual Reality anywhere your want.

The Nintendo Switch shows up and I was impressed about the concept but something was missing. I thought about the evolution of our game experience and I just realized that the most impressive work from Nintendo is to create universe, atmosphere and sharing experience. So the logical next step will be to switch VR…

I started with sketches, I quickly switched with Solidworks for the CAD with a human head to have the good proportion of the headset and then Keyshot to provide qualitative renderings. Sometimes I have to switch to photoshop to make it more realistic or to integrate the CAD somewhere.

This project depends of the quality of the Nintendo’s screen itself. At this stage it’s too early to define whether this will be qualitative in term of user experience. But this project is to propose new opportunities for the Nintendo Switch experience.

Antoine Beynel