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Daryna Rudenko
December 20, 2021

This is a visualization for a portfolio in the style of minimalism and in the New Years theme. +video

The minimalism style is now popular. Shades of beige are a great base for any interior. I wanted to dilute the monochrome interior with accent colors: black and orange. The colors in the interior are repeated in the Christmas tree decorations. Since the new year is coming up, I wanted to render the New Year's atmosphere in the render. The fireplace has become an accent element opposite the sofa, despite the fact that it is completely black, it does not drown out other elements and makes orange armchairs look favorably against their background.

Autodesk 3ds Max Vray 4.2

In general, this project received good marks in the 3dsky gallery and behance.

I have improved my skills in night rendering, as you can see in the examples.

One of the renders was used to create an atmospheric video for youtube.

Daryna Rudenko

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