Outbound is a series of landscape photographs that were taken during a 3 month trip along the West Coast of Canada and the USA. Traveling with two backpacks, a tent and a car, my boyfriend and I fully immersed ourselves in the great outdoors, sleeping in the wilderness, hiking national parks. Outbound is my visual diary.

I’ve always taken pictures. I am drawn to nature, details, certain moods and colors. I have no words to describe what I saw while traveling. Nature left me speechless and made me feel small. I tried to capture these moments and chose the pictures for their inner calmness and balance, always making sure that there were no elements showing that could possibly disturb the mood.

I work with a Canon 600D, shoot my images in RAW format and usually edit in both Lightroom and Photoshop. I treat pictures like small pieces of art rather than photographs. Editing Outbound, I focused on each picture without looking at the others and highlighted main colors to intensify the mood. Each one of them made me think about certain words, and I kept them in mind while editing.

A very good friend said that my photographs create an intense mood and a deep feeling of tranquility at the same time. This is what I felt when I took them and exactly what I intended to express. I wanted to display exciting content in a very calm way. Complete silence while being surrounded by the most incredible scenes nature could have possibly created. This project is very personal and important to me, and it made me realize that you should always trust in the feeling you have while creating. It will send you along the right way.

Franziska Meierhöfer

Franziska Meierhöfer is a German graphic designer, photographer and illustrator currently working and living in Paris, France.