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Pantone by Adolfo Navarro

Pantone by Adolfo Navarro

Honey Adraque
October 5, 2015
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Pantone is a result for a reflection process on folding techniques of surfaces and their functional implications in simplifying daily use objects. From an analysis of two-dimensional basic geometric shapes, and how they could be configured to design simple utilitarian objects, was create a bowl whose design is an amalgamation of the honesty of an object and its utility was designed. A circle with some marks and holes leads to the generation of a practical, cheap and useful object.

I was convinced that could create a container without using glue or complicated forms. The result was quite satisfactory, since we starting from a simple circle got a very attractive bowl.I love the basic geometry and folding surfaces, indeed did my thesis on this subject. So, Pantone is a successful implementation of these principles in a functional object.

- Adolfo Navarro






Pantone is thought to be in the homes of all people, as a practical disposable bowl. It is not simple to create a fully functional object from a simple shape such as the circle, so there were many design challenges to achieve. The key was to find a way to keep it structured without using glue. I've had enough revisions. We perform many prototypes until the final result, in which they met all the objectives originally set.

- Adolfo Navarro






About Adolfo Navarro

Adolfo Navarro is a Mexican product designer, graduate of the Universidad de Guadalajara. His work focuses on designing the most useful, functional and practical objects possible simple and innovative way. He is currently a creative director of the leathergoods brand Lo Esencial. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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