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Krit Chonchana
June 14, 2018
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Penlism | Aesthetic and sustainable design. A pen unibody compatible with multiple pen refills.

Penlism is the pen frame with the aesthetic design that provides the writing experience with the best favorite pen refills. The mechanic design makes with very simple design, especially no extra mechanism and also compatible with many multiple popular pen refills.

From your favorite choice of pen refill in a comfortable to use, when you insert the favorite pen refills into penlism and rotating the brass screw to adjusting the tip length of your pen refill that completely to use.

We have been design fields for many years. We explore and find unique and distinctive design approaches. Surely, materials are one of the approaches that we are very interested and choosen the materials and natural of material is one of our goals.

Materialism is most important things that the designer should take into consideration first. This is the concept of design for this project that does not modify the look of the original material and to convey the aesthetic of the materialism.

Actually, we start from the real experience of the designers in our studios. It is a important problem have different kinds of pens and many choice of refills for designers use also not to mention that most any people.

We start to find some of pens that use the pen refills for the prototype and then we start to ideas sketch for transformed into CAD Program. After that we find the ways to make the many ideas such as what the material, a mechanism process and also keep to easy to use and minimal design.

Now a day, we do not know how people will talking about this project. We believe that the work will be the answer to those people. The aesthetic of real materials would be represent the objects, keep to aesthetic and minimal design.

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Studiohole Team

Studiohole, we are a design studio to create design work with a vision of creating a minimalist product design for everyone in the world. Based in Bangkok , Thailand and founded in 2013. All of our design are 100% design and create product perfect contemporary, both of thinking method and attitude positive.
Space of our work include Industrial products design, Electronics and Home appliance design. Brand design, Exclusive exhibitions space, Stationary design and Typography design. Fundamentally we working on progressive and creative design as a minimalist in creating value.

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