“Of People and Places” or known as PEOPLE x PLACES is a photography of how nature and artificial landscape interacts among living beings. A collection of capturing the moment where human correspond and react with the surrounding such as crowd, weather, excitement, enthusiasm. In short, PEOPLE x PLACES Project holds the concept of “decent landscape in conjunction with decent living”.

The idea of PEOPLE x PLACES is inspired by human facial expression and body language that interacts with the surrounding. No matter how hard you can picture it, every capture tells a story. The pale color scheme is chosen to reduce the focus on other everyday object however at the same time emphasizes the subject in every moment.

I started this project during my first trip to Europe, Milan, Italy. Along with my participation in Salone del Mobile/iSaloni 2017’s Salone Satelitte, I get to travel around different district in Milan. Heading back to Asian country, also inspires me to do the same. which will find contrast and decent similarity between people and places.

A lot of people asked why I stopped and take a picture of a homeless person on the street, a girl with excitement out of the train window, an artist painting quietly, an executive walking down the exhibition hall. It is something you see everyday, but to me it was an inspiration to study about culture, ergonomics and human body languages.

Cheng Hannjian

Industrial Designer pursuing Interior Architecture in Universiti Sains Malaysia.