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Pepper - Mexican Food

Pepper - Mexican Food

Laura Orellanos Montalván
December 8, 2018
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Pepper was a brand that I developed in 2016, it was barely my 2nd year at the university and I was studying the subject "typography", the challenge was to create a typographic brand that encloses the whole concept of their identity.
Pepper is Mexican gastronomy, the spicy essence of its food translated into a funny and mischievous brand.

As its name says, I was inspired by peppers, something typical in Mexican cuisine. The logo adopts the morphology of the peppers themselves, their uneven lines and curves. The colors are also inspired by the peppers, these come in 3 colors: red, yellow and green.

I used different tools to carry out the project. First I made sketches of the letters by hand, then I photographed them and began to digitize them with the Illustrator pen tool. Then I used Adobe Photoshop for the assembly of the labels, the packaging and the clothing and finally Adobe InDesign for the layout of the manual.

The response was quite positive. My teacher congratulated me for the creativity used in the project and I received good comments from my colleagues about the funny inscriptions on the product packaging. They said they would totally visit Pepper if it really existed.
I learned a lot doing that project, it was barely my second year of college and I had to learn both to develop the concept and find the insights to apply in the brand and to make the packaging without knowledge and experiment with the theme of sizes and different textures. At that point in my university career I did not have much idea of how to put together an identity manual so I had to investigate how to do it. Now that I finish my career, I see my old projects with a lot of nostalgia, I notice mistakes and things that maybe I would correct but I also see my evolution as a designer.

You can check out the full project on this link:

Laura Orellanos Montalván

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a motion & graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and life lover. I'm from Bolivia, I studied graphic design at the Private University of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. I am very interested in corporate identity design, social network design, and personally love editorial design and animation in motion graphics.
If there is something that defines me, it is passionate about my work I strive for it to be vibrant, communicative and dynamic. Not only aesthetically captivating but conceptual, that encloses something behind. I'm also an entrepreneur, I have my own digital marketing agency in Bolivia.

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