Pequeno Paraíso

pequeno paraíso was captured in São Pedro do Sul, a true paradise in the interior of Portugal, during Festival Ocupai! 2017.
I was watching the performance La Ola Flotante by La Xata la Rifa, a company based in Asturias, and a background installation of a small boy in a bathtub moved by a human fish caught my attention.

This landscape recalled me the idea of a small and lost paradise, a place with no time, a sweet melancholy and innocence, available to everyone who takes the time to find pleasure and beauty in simple things. pequeno paraíso is based on this idea; even if some of the images were taken during the performance it does not intend to be a photographic register of the show.

I always take with me the analog camera when I’m traveling, so this was the medium used for this project.
When working with film, I don’t usually edit it digitally. For this specific project I decided to increase vibrancy on Aperture so that the images would represent better the way I sensed this concept of small paradise. The bright colors even on a cloudy day.

This set of images is part of densidade crítica which is a project of analog photography based on the observation of the relationship between the human and the environment. This project is published in Behance and the main feedback I have from people is through the evaluations and comments made there, which I really appreciate. Even if I’m doing things for myself, because I need to or simply because they are as natural as breathing, it’s good to share and find out how people perceive it. This project, like all the others, kept me in touch with the exercise of observation and the consciousness of the subjective experience present in this solitary and magic state that is photographing.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question or suggestion.

Teresa Santos

Among other things I’m a dancer. I dedicate a lot of my time to photography since 2010.