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Personal Identity

Personal Identity

Astrid Mendoza
December 15, 2016
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I deeply think that one of the most difficult things as a designer is to create your personal identity, because you are always looking for the best, and we always have a lot of ideas coming to our heads.
So after a lot of work and sketches, I defined my own.

The idea came up after a lot of sketches, I was looking for something minimalist but also I wanted to represent my personal style and love for typography.
I choosed the colors based on my personal taste ?
Like I said this is my personal identity, so all the thing that I choose was thinking in something that represents me

The first thing I made to started this project was to take my initials, after that, I made a lot of sketches, and when I got the style I was looking for, and I really liked it, I scanned it and I vectorized it in Adobe Illustrator, and finished with some details in Adobe Photoshop

We always learn something new when we start a project, (I learned that a good job always comes wiht a lot of work) thank god the people liked. They caught the idea that I wanted to represent.
And I've to say it, I'm very pleased with the final result

Astrid Mendoza

22 y.o Graphic Designer and lettering artist born and raised in Barquisimeto, Venezuela

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