Personal Works

A series of illustration I did for my personal portfolio. There’s no theme or a specific concept in this illustration. I just draw what comes in my mind. Actually I drew this as my getaway from my college assignments, so basically this is just my “escaping from reality” drawings.

The idea comes from various things. It also depends on how I was feeling when I made them. I often look on a fashion editorials and photography as a reference, and also songs too, I always listen to a music when making an illustration.

The programs that I use is Paint Tool SAI, but sometimes I use photoshop too, I just find SAI is more comfort to use. And the tools that I use to make this digital illustrations is Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch.

For this illustration I dont make the sketch first, because its a personal works, I don’t need to brain storming and making a rough sketch, so I just draw anything that comes in my mind.

This project was featured on behance in illustration section. So I think people appreciated it, I was not expecting that at all actually. From this illustration, I learnt that I think I should be more focused on this kind of style. Because until now, I still exploring many style and still figuring what my style is in Illustration.

Resi Bhaskoro

Illustrator based in Indonesia