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Pier 13

Pier 13

Dimitris Bouskos
October 27, 2016

Pier 13 is a self-initiated project regarding the branding of a sea food restaurant. In this project i aimed to create a clean & modern ID, designed the stationary & packaging and finaly the web UI of the company.
Sea elements were used, (illustrations, color pallete that relates to the sea) and the whole presentation in based on that idea.

The idea came up after some research for a brand name, i wanted something relative with sea or harbor, the latter gave me however the idea of the logo, which is based on a lifesaver and the element of food is added with the set of fork & knife.
The rest were build based on the color pallete i chose, which is a navy pallete with darker values, a choice that i think reflects more maturity in the design.

First, everything is sketched or produced in a draft level, writing down ideas and sketching logos and compositions.
After a round or two, i choose one or two ideas that i think reflect more of what direction i wanna go and are further developed
in illustrator as a vector format.
In this Project the logos typography received some further type-treatment to further customize it.
Next i designed the brands stationary & packaging assets using mock-ups in photoshop and finally the web UI was designed in
photoshop as well and for presentation reasons a mock up was build within the platform of wix.

This project was a pleasure to make, i received valuable feedback while making it, that helped to better develop a better sense in some aspects.
I learned a few new design tricks in the process while making it and thats valuable too.

I hope you enjoy this presentation as much as i did, full presentation is @ my behance profile:

Dimitris Bouskos

Dimitris is an Athens Based Designer & illustrator, focusing on Branding UI UX & illustration.

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