Pilsen Zoo Identity Redesign

Pilsen Zoo Redesign, where I tried to create modular and usable branding for Pilsen Zoo. The task came longtime collaboration between my University and local Zoo in Pilsen, where we were asked to bring new ideas to their current visual style.

I had no doubt, that project like this would be pretty hard to do even before starting, so I decided to create list of what I wanted to do with this redesign. There are always multiple layers in branding projects like this, but Zoo is really something special, if you consider all the targets you need to accomplish with your work.

The visuals need to be mature, but have an appeal to kids and they need to work in corporate environment as well.
I made a small list of goals I want to achieve before starting:


This list should give you idea of what to expect in my concept.

First thing I started with was the logotype and overall branding. I wanted to create something, that is neutral and is more concerned with the overall Zoo, rather than focused on one animal, as many other Zoo’s do in their logotypes.

My main inspiration was rather simple, but something I remember very fondly. It was LEGO Duplo Zoo sets that I had when I was small kid, where the the only branding was the simple ZOO sign, which I always found fascinating and totally suitable.

Other reason was the brief itself, where we were tasked to improve the current branding of the Zoo or create something totally different as our vision.

I decided to try the second option. The logo itself is very modular as well and comes in 3 different types, that can be used to suit the medium. I think this could be helpful to the whole branding. Since the logo is so simple, it can be used in both single coloured version and multicoloured and be interchangeable.

I also made posters, website and other parts of the corporate identity.

I got lot of responses to this project. Most of them good, some bad and some pointing and adding valuable feedback. Overall pretty good experience, which certainly taught me a lot on how to handle such a big project like this, which Zoo definitely is.

I would like to work on this more thoroughly next time, as my time was limited, but pretty happy with the results either way.

This was really an interesting task to work on and I learned a lot alongside the project. I would change few things looking back, but other than that, I was pretty confident in what I was able to do.

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Designed by Michael Dolejs at Faculty of Design & Art of Ladislav Sutnar


Michael Dolejš

Graphic Designer from Prague. Interested in User Interfaces, Icons, Branding & Print