A new fitness-club was designed together with a new office building, as they are both situated at the meeting point of two grids of urban tissue. The new interventions respond to both structures. The fitness-club fits within the sports complex established in Soviet times, coming as a third missing element between the gym and “Pioner” swimming pool. The utterly laconic and solid rectangular block conceals within itself a free interflowing space permeated with numerous sightlines. Functionally, the club is divided into three levels. On the ground floor this is a large two-storeyed lobby, together with all administrative and utility premises. The upper level is a room for a vast open-space gym. At the very top there are “suspended” private rooms for group trainings. The perforated façade maintains the balance between inward concentration and contemplation. the curb blocks provide sun protection and create an easily recognizable image. The perforated façade maintains the balance between inward concentration and contemplation. Curb blocks that clad the facades provide sun protection and create an easily recognizable image.

The interior organization of the gym flexibly reacts to various functions within the building. Administrative premises on the ground floor retain a more reserved character in contrast to utterly open and permeable upper floors. The suspended rooms for group classes have semi-transparent cladding, maintaining a fragile balance between introspection and observation.

Architectural Design – ArchiCAD; Visualization – Corona Render, 3dMAX, Vray. One of the most challenging aspect of the project was the design solution of its façade. On the one hand, the building was expected to become a recognizable landmark for the developing neighborhood. On the other hand, the architectural solution had to be cost-effective and cater for the needs of the gym.

A new sports complex responds to the rising interest to healthy lifestyle and keeping fit. At the same time it explores an open plan typology with permeating sightlines. The project has found complete approval with the customer, so at the moment we are waiting for favorable condition for its implementation.

“Drozdov&Partners” was founded in 1997. Over twenty years of our work experience, we have designed around 200 projects, many of which have been built. Some of them, regardless of their scale, have become important milestones in our practice. These are Yaske sushi-bar, Platinum Plaza office centre, Ave Plaza commerical centre, Heirloom and Carat apartment houses in Kharkiv, and a number of family houses in various cities of Ukraine.
A lot of new and important ideas accumulated over the years of our professional practice have found their concentrated implementation in the recently built family houses (Ark, House with a Peristyle, Baked by the Heat and Markhouse). These projects explore a new kind of lifestyle, new relationships within the family and new perception of landscape and materials. An increasing number of projects with public function, in Ukraine as well, have been appearing in our portfolio lately, which is something we have longed for.
Most projects have been designed for Ukrainian cities (Kharkiv, Kyiv and Odessa). However, the geography has been expanding significantly over the last years. A number of projects are now being done for Spain, Russia, Austria and France. Some of the most remarkable events in recent years have been the first prize in the design competition in South Korea, the project of a cultural centre in Lviv, and the construction of Teatr na Podole in Kyiv.
Besides design activity, “Drozdov & Partners” constantly initiates and takes part in various public and educational projects.