Pluto – Techno Aesthetic Detail

Pluto is designed to be a portable, compact companion which can be used at a moment’s notice. It fits right in your backpack and can be used outdoors on camps and treks. So once you collect fresh fruits from mother nature, you can give Pluto a crank and watch the goodness flow right in front of your eyes.The transparent center lets you see the fruit converted to pulp and the latter gets collected at the end making it quite hygienic. It is easy to use, easy to disassemble and easy to clean, plus it is compact hence you can tuck it away after use. The model was designed after a single 1 liter water bottle. It has easy locking mechanisms so that it does not wobble while in use. Pluto is nearly symmetrical which makes it an ambidextrous and an ergonomic design so everyone can use it with convenience. The design of the juicer also makes it easy to manufacture and produce

Most of the juicers are bulky and aimed towards the right handed crowd since they are the majority. Being a left handed individual this always poses a challenge to design a product which is ambidextrous. Also a product should be user friendly and space economic. To make it ambidextrous, having a symmetrical design makes the product aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use. The material used is acrylic for the transparency and HDPE for the rest of the body. The color is derived from the fruits and greenery so it signifies freshness.

I used a software called “Autodesk Fusion 360” to make my model with the appropriate dimensions. I then used a software called “Keyshot” to create a realistic render for the product to see how it fits in my environment. I then used “Photoshop” and “Illustrator” to present my work.

I got a lot of positive and negative feedback and took the criticism in a positive way to make changes in my design accordingly. Measurements and mechanisms are the backbone of any product. If the basics don’t function then the product no matter how stylish is of no use.

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Dhruv Kuttan

I am Dhruv Kuttan, a Product Design student in my 4th year at MIT Institute of Design, Pune. Being an avid problem solver, product design is something that drives me to achieve practical oriented solutions. I believe that Design is all about observation and the connections you make with personal experiences. Love illustrating, sketching, playing the keyboards,travelling and a big foodie!