This could be anywhere

They say there is no truth left in photography. I strive to create images that capture the subject in honest moments, less polished, less posed, Composed but not contrived. On the other hand, this world is fabricated, the car does not belong to us, Im fairly certain she can’t drive. What is truth when you find an honest moment in a fabricated world? and who’s truth is it?

This was a personal project, The goal was to approach standard advertising type imagery through a less contrived approach, a luxury brand car with a thrift store shopping owner, an ambiguous cityscape backdrop, this could be anywhere, this could be anyone.

Digital imagery captured with natural light, Photography focused entirely on capturing honest moments from the subject, technicalities came second. Post production kept to a minimum, a mostly monotone colour palate applied in light room to further the ambiguity of the metropolitan backdrop.

It was a great exercise in keeping things simple, clean and honest. Commercial art directors have been mixed in response, some loving the natural feeling to it, some not so much. peers have responded well. I’ve grown to expect mixed reviews, you can never please everyone, and I’m constantly reminding myself not to try.

Nik Molson

Commercial photographer in Vancouver B.C, Canada