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Pooch Made

Pooch Made

Christian Andree
May 31, 2017

Made Somewhere created a friendly and playful brand for ‘Pooch Made’, an online retailer of pooch bandanas and a lifestyle influencer in the pet industry. The brand was brought to life with minimal yet light-hearted iconography, illustrations and animation to engage with its audience and demonstrate the brands playful character and demographic. Made Somewhere used this character across the brands packaging, print, digital and social media.

Dogs are often referred to as ‘mans best friend’ through their constant companionship, loyalty, personality and fun-loving character. Wanting to capture these traits, Made Somewhere curated a brand with a playful colour palette, and a pooch persona through illustrations and first person tone of voice. This, paired with subtle animation was used throughout the brand to provide an on-screen character and personal approach for the brand.

The Adobe suite was used for the creation of this brand and supporting material. Illustrations were Drawn in Adobe Illustrator and brought to life using Adobe Animate. Brandmarks, colour palettes and iconography were all created in Adobe Illustrator. Packaging was designed in Adobe InDesign, whilst photography was edited using Adobe Photoshop. In was through the use of various aspects of the Adobe Creative Suite that the brand was brought to life.

Although the project has just launched, already both client and design team are seeing positive results. Online design sharing platforms are providing positive results, social media is growing and Pooch Made’s online subscription is booming. All in all it has been well received and shared by consumers.

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Pooch Made:

Christian Andree

Made Somewhere is a interdisciplinary creative studio based in Sydney, Australia. Working with local and international clients, we span a wide range of graphic design services from branding, packaging, digital design and print design.

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