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Room for musician

Room for musician

Irina Myasnikova
August 6, 2018

This room was designed for a young musician. In this place he can make music and work on other projects. But also besides of the work he can relax here and be inspired by his muse. This man likes simplisity and comfort.

I took wishes of the client in regard and came up with a simple and practical interior, which includes neсessairy things for work and creation. Creative people need to be highly concentrated, especially in the moments of insparation. Therefore the interior should not be distractive or too motley.I took a deep grey colour as a basis and used some colourful accents to make the room look more interesting. Posters and other decoration also adds to the charm.

Well I used 3ds max+ Corona render. I'm in love with Corona render cause it makes renders more realistic and attractive.
But the biggest problem in any project to find correct position of camera and light. It was really complicated to find the best angle in the small room and show all details. Fortunately I could solve this problem with camera cliping.
I tuned Corona sun and HDRI map very throughly, tried to find neutral soft light. Eventually i choose HDRI from Peter Gutrie and it looked perfect.
With render elements i corrected some details in Photoshop.

This project got a lot of likes in social networks, but some professionals explained me that it has some inaccuracies. For example table and vase are too bright and white, I should take in account albedo of materials and be more observant with this problem. Highlight on the floor is too strong, it should be soft and not so bright. This problem solves with highlight compress

Irina Myasnikova

Hi, my name is Irina, I'm from Russia.
Interior designer, CG artist

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