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Porto do Sol Restaurant Branding

Porto do Sol Restaurant Branding

Viktor Navorsky
June 23, 2017
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Branding for a local restaurant called Porto do Sol ( Sun Harbour ). It´s inspired by the Amazon local tradition and costumes. Empório Porto do Sol is a restaurant along the river in Porto Velho capital (Brazil). It is located in a gazebo overlooking the Madeira River and the locomotive square.It offers a wide range of fish dishes, local cuisine specialties, snacks, sandwiches, assorted juices, and drinks.

The name of the restaurant was chosen as the location where it is situated, it is the perfect spot to enjoy the setting of the sun in the region. Besides the food, the site intends to shelter and be the stronghold of local artists, poets, artisans and become a reference in cultural events, a symbol of the South American culture, especially the Amazon.

We basically used illustrator to design the overall shape of the logo, sketches were hand drawn and vectorized later in illustrator. We used as inspiration the native drawings of the ancient civilizations of South America. The details can be seen in the pattern and symbol, which represents the sun, a god image for the Incas civilization, and also, a representation of the sunsets ( which in this particular spot of the world are magnificent ) that the restaurant will offer to it´s customers every day.

The local audience was very impressed with the fine details of the brand identity. The owner of the restaurant and our client loved the final result, because it represents everything her restaurant stands for. It is warm, welcoming, it speaks the local language and interacts very well with the targeted audience.

Viktor Navorsky

One comment on “Porto do Sol Restaurant Branding”

  1. um dos lugares mais lindos de ser e estar no planeta, no universo. Cardápio ímpar com as melhores iguarias da região. Atendimento maravilhoso. Recomendo

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