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Virada Cultural

Virada Cultural

Gabriel Trindade
February 19, 2018
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Virada Cultural is an annual event placed in São Paulo city, Brazil. It promotes 24 hours of cultural events. I was on my certificate program when my teacher has chosen me to a special program inside the school, and I accepted. He has trained me and taught me everything he knew about design, and I've studied a lot too.

I made a lot of things while I was in this special program, and one of them (the one I'm most proud of) is Virada Cultural. Unfortunately, it's fictitious, but I've given all of me!

My teacher came up with the idea of building a new style to the Virada Cultural and I accepted it.

I created the typography presents in it, it was a lit bit hard because everything was spinning in my head and I could not find a good idea, but the focus on the creation was: show how diversified Virada Cultural is, people from all corners of São Paulo in the same event!

The colors was another hard part, I'm not so good at choosing colors, but when I've chosen them, everything got easier. I wanted something that represented the day and the night, and when I fitted the colors to the symbol I finally realized how incredible that could be, so I started to work hard on that.

Illustrator was the main software I used on the project, Photoshop helped me to make some mockups.

I started writing everything that reminded me of São Paulo and Virada Cultural, I wrote down every word, then I've started sketching a bunch of things. After some minutes the idea of the arrows (that are the symbol) came in my mind, I refined and tried on Illustrator.

I worked at least 6 continuos hours on the project, with no interruption (this was part of the special program).

This is the first time that I have the guts to show my things. I've thought people would be mad at me, but to my surprise, the few that have seen like a lot. My friends supported me and shared too.

I learned a lot on this project. Beyond the Learned how to trust me and how good things happen when you give your best.

This is my first project if you want to see more go to my Behance profile.

Gabriel Trindade

My name is Gabriel Trindade, a design student based in Brazil who has a special passion for graphic design. My main goal in design area is to become inspirational and take the design to every piece of the world.

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