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Portraits 2.0 by Julio Cesar

Portraits 2.0 by Julio Cesar

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July 21, 2015

Portraits 2.0 is a project that started as a way to study. A lot of illustrators do it, so Julio Cesar decided to practice. He wanted to improve his stroke so started to do these exercises using photos. Many of the illustrations are images of people he saw on Tumblr, Pinterest and Flickr, but some pictures are from his friends.

The core of the project is that people feel the thrill when they see the images. I wanted to make people excited and happy so I chose a style that is very cartoonish.
-Julio Cesar




Practice every day, take courses (which helps A LOT), have true friends who will tell you when one of your drawings needs improvement or isn't good. Always try to improve, never feel like you know everything, try to organize and pursue your goals.
-Julio Cesar



About Julio Cesar

Julio Cesar also known as MZ09 is a freelance illustrator from Fortaleza - Brazil. You can see more of his work at Behance or his Instagram profile.

5 comments on “Portraits 2.0 by Julio Cesar”

  1. I can see the touch of Brazil in Julio's work. He has an amazing art in his had I have to say. Today I came to know that MZ09 is Julio Cesar, I am following him on Instagram very long ago! Huge fan of him :)

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