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Best Trick

Best Trick

Camila Sol Guimarães
December 8, 2019
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A nighttime photographic experience with skateboarders at the Bolovo brand event at Largo da Batata, São Paulo, on December 4, 2019.
An experiment that came out of chance and circumstance, out of a lot of curiosity, good advice and new friendships.

I tried to work with what was in my hands.
I had a professional camera with no external flash, so I depended on the local light and took full advantage of it to capture the moments, reaching a vivid and rough grain.

I used a canon t4i with an 18-55mm lens.
It was super experimental, with no premeditated plans or ideas.
I was analyzing the place and the movements of the skaters to better understand their dynamics and to be able to capture them.
It was purely documentary at first. In the end it became an artistic experience between space, movement and digital art.

I had positive feedbacks about the collages and the whole project. And yes, I've learned and I'm learning so far about photographing skaters, it's a constant process until I assimilate the maneuvers and understand the art behind these movements that I admire.

If you want to see more of my work, follow me on instagram @cmilasolg

Camila Sol Guimarães

Visual artist based in São Paulo from Rio de Janeiro.
20 years old, working and developing experiments through art.

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