The Power of Color

The Power of Color is the collection of illustrations created in the process of color, depth and texture exploration. Needless to say that color is a powerful tool on its own. It’s astonishing how you can create an illusion of dimension on a flat screen by simply using light, shadows and shapes.

Layer illustrations were inspired by paper cutting designs and layering techniques with strong attention to color and simple geometric forms. I brought a clean and modern touch by using my favorite colors: shades of cyan, magenta, turquoise. I like clean lines and white space.

To create them I used perfect digital tool for this kind of project; Adobe Illustrator. Each layer has a unique shape and color. Shadows add complexity, depth and dimension. For the fur texture I used different sizes and shapes of Photoshop brushes to achieve realistic effect. The stitches on the basketball and typography were created from scratch using Photoshop Blending options.

I really enjoyed working on this project and received positive feedback. I feel I will be adding more artwork to this series; the more I experiment in this direction the more I like it. If you like my style check my work and become friend on Behance
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Yuliya Shumilina

Yuliya Shumilina is Ukrainian award-winning multidisciplinary designer currently living and working in Miami, Florida. She graduated with highest honors from Graphic Design Program and her professional work includes: web design, brand identity and illustration. She prefers strategy to decoration, clean and simple design that solves problems, hopes to make the ‘world a better place’.