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PP: Vegan | Logo No.1.

PP: Vegan | Logo No.1.

Carlos Narciso
April 21, 2018

This is a Personal Project called "Vegan No.1". It is inspired by vegan food and its classic way of consuming organic products and free of contaminants. In the project you will see the fusion of letters and elements to reach the final image.

The idea begins with concrete in the change of diet that I have created. Being a vegan is a world. You begin to discover great changes that organic foods can bring to your life in a positive way. So, I decide to make a series of logos (three logos) that are derived from a specific topic and in this case, I started with Veganism. I choose the word and I start to do research and inspiration for the project. I proposed to create the logo, merging letters and elements. At the end, we have the complete product - which is based on a simple typography and elements related to the word I selected -. It is a style that undoubtedly draws attention for the technique that identifies me as a designer: aesthetics, simplicity and minimalism.

To create the logo design, I used Affinity Designer - in fact, it is an excellent design program. The selection within the program is vectorization, pen tool and the use of typography. I start with the typography search that I have in the program, then I create series of elements vectorization until it makes final harmony with the chosen letter and we have the final product.

People who see my projects admire the way I work and present my ideas. They always ask me questions regarding the selection of fonts and / or elements. I'm just a human being who wants to instruct the reader in the right way.

Carlos Narciso

Icarlosnarciso: Diseñador Gráfico y Web
Prototipos | Identidad Visual | Nocturno. Se considera amante del minimalismo y la est´´ética. Realiza proyectos donde la sincronización de los espacios y la armonía fusionan para hacer el acabado de perfección - en cada uno de sus diseños -. Se inspira en los detalles sencillos y comienza a producir desde el inicio. "La simplicidad, es la llave de la imagen perfecta" Carlos Narciso.

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