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Caio Rossatto
April 7, 2020
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React is an web agency that, in the beginning of 2020, underwent an internal reformulation of its own concepts and concepts, changing its focus of action to the educational marketing market, where it contributes to the evolution of educational institutions.

The new visual identity of the company comes with the intention of visually translating these changes to its customers and partners.

One of the biggest challenges of the project was to convey the purpose of education in a unique and different way than it is used to, and it was in the form of the compass that we found this concept. Its use as a symbol of the brand visually and clearly translates what the brand is internally, a company that seeks to explore new paths through knowledge, and externally, a company that helps its customers to achieve the result they want.

To achieve this result, a well-structured design process was used, where through conversations we realized that exploring new horizons, paths and possibilities is what has moved the brand since its inception and the search for learning is intrinsic in the company's human DNA. After that, market research, public and competitors were made to understand the new universe that the brand would be involved.

With the objective of a clear project in mind, the visual identity development process was started, where doodles, tests and applications were necessary to find the solution that best fit the project.

Once defined, we focus on refining the details of the logo, in order to make it a presentable project.

The response from the public, customers and partners after the brand redesign was very positive, mainly due to the originality and personality that the new logo has.

"All the positive repercussions of this project are very rewarding, and it showed us that we are on the right path to always build great projects for our customers." - Caio Rossatto, Art Director from Lazer Design

Caio Rossatto

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