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Restaurant BA 53 by Nicklas Haslestad

Restaurant BA 53 by Nicklas Haslestad

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January 1, 2016
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Nicklas Haslestad's project BA 53 is a restaurant located in Oslo's pride building 'Bygdøy Allé 53', hence the name. The menu of BA 53 changes in pace with the Nordic seasons and the color scheme is chosen based on these. Our goal was to create an identity that reflects freshness & purity alongside with tradition and history. In addition to a genuine story behind the name & origin, our challenge was to merge this with the chef style of BA 53, which is said to be one of Oslo's most innovative.


Nicklas Haslestad

Nicklas Haslestad

We had two other concepts before ending on this one. They were both strong, but there was something not quite right. So, one evening, I re-visited the brief, the creative process and all our research finding that the street-sign could be a way to communicate the story behind the name, the location/building (which the client really wanted to draw in to the design some how) as well as being an original concept for a restaurant.
-Nicklas Haslestad

Kari Inneraas resttaurant BA 35

Kari Inneraas resttaurant BA 35


The identity is inspired by the location of the building, constructed in 1901 by architect Samuel Borgfeldt. The equally iconic street signs in Oslo were a relevant way to tell the story behind the name and honor both the building and the location. We were able to create an identity rooted in history, yet representative for a young generation of hungry cooks (headed by Olympic champion Kari Innerå) which now occupies the building.
-Nicklas Haslestad

Nicklas Haslestad




Simple, firmly anchored in a conceptual idea. Design characterized by my Scandinavian heritage. I believe in removing everything that isn’t essential. Remove ‘noise'. Important to assure that the brand will stand the test of time. I really like to study the importance of the Swiss Style (Josef Müller-Brockmann, Massimo Vignelli, Max Miedinger) for inspiration. I also find Pentagram highly inspirational (Especially Paula Scher and Michael Bierut). The New York design scene in general is an important aspect of my inspiration.
-Nicklas Haslestad





Tell a story, be original and accept constructive criticism with grace.
-Nicklas Haslestad

BA 53 Restaurant by Kari Inneraa

Norsk Prosjekteringsmal 18


About Nicklas Haslestad

Born and raised in Norway, Nicklas Haslestad is a designer and art director currently living and working in Oslo. His work process is based on the desire to utilize Nordic aesthetics, passion and personal commitment, to create strong conceptual ideas and distinctive, bespoke design solutions. After graduating from design schools in Australia and Norway, he started working in branding agencies, which has been his passion ever since. See more of his works on Behance or his website.

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