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Rugby Sports City in Valladolid, Spain

Rugby Sports City in Valladolid, Spain

Alejandro Domingo
September 29, 2017
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The project is located in the current "Pepe Rojo" facilities, in the suburbs of the city of Valladolid. Present a dualism between two concepts antagonistic a priori, TOPOGRAPHY (soil) and VEIL (lightness) as elements which respond under a formal answer. We depart of the essentialization of both concepts strengthen their intrinsic qualities making perceptible that dualism. The veil which belongs to the nature, colonizes the space, unifies and differentiates places, generating a powerful milestone for rugby and all sports which are located under it.

This dualism is placed in the same guidelines, where the broken line of the topography, raised and decreased, allows the division between differents circulations (private vs public) and programs (gameday, social space, press space, residence for athletes, etc). The veil (lightness in the steel) is created as an opposed element in nature and shape in comparison to the topography (concrete or stone), revitalising the current "Pepe Rojo" facilities, as a catalyst reference of the multicultural and sport venues of the city.

With respect to the tools of software, it started with simple sketches, analysing different shapes to strengthen the main concept present in my mind. Later on it started to work with different programs to make it possible, such as AutoCAD, Revit or Sketchup, making the final views both with Revit and with Photoshop and Illustrator for the postproduction, showing like that the philoshopy of the project, the dualism.

Finally, the main challenge of the project was to be able to combine and maintain a connection between the global scale of the city and the scale of the Masterplan project. In the same way, the different features of the spaces to design lead to a wealth in the complex, where the veil means a transition from the volume to the nature thanks to the own nature, with the stadium as the "jewel of the crown"

Alejandro Domingo

Born in Valladolid and graduated in Architecture in University of Valladolid. All my life I have felt spoken to this branch of art, although specially by the graphic expression and the social and environmental aspects which concerns.
At the same time I have developed a professional training in different offices, both the daily life of this profession as specialization in computer - aided design.

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