Sacred Complex – The Church

I wanted to make it clear that this project was not built. This is a conceptual project that I did during my undergraduate course in Architecture and Urbanism. He went through all the stages except the construction. It is one of the buildings within an urbanized complex that I named “Sacred Complex”. The complex has three buildings: The church, The hall of events and the parish house. It is a project of a contemporary church with modernist inspiration.

Lighting was my answer to that. Light is how it all happens here. The light decides where you look and how it will be guided in edification. The intention was to create a play of light and shadow to guide the observer. This is why the glass wall is wide at the front as a large lighting entrance. But that diminishes as we enter the building. Constantly the illumination input goes down on the sides, making it darker every time. Until you look at the altar, the main point of enlightenment, which catches everyone’s attention. The light comes from above as if it came from the sky. For this I created a skylight and a moat above the altar that allows entrance of zenithal light. The color white represents peace, and increases the interaction of light with the project.

On the outside of the building, the crucifix stands at the highest point and symbolizes that building as sacred. For the entrance of enlightenment I have created these lines of glass that contour the building and allow the light to enter.

The outside has an urbanized public square. I wanted the community to be always present in the place, so I put urban equipment such as gym equipment, jogging tracks, sandbox and playgrounds for the kids and youngs. I wanted it to be a place that the community would embrace as their own and to repeat that moment in history when the cities were built around the church.

I used Autodesk Revit to create the architectural and structural model, from the movements with the terrain to the finish and the surrounding urbanization.

Now for the creation of images and videos I used Lumion 3D associated to revit, to create an ambience and humanize the scene.

For footage I used Adobe Photoshop and for After Effects videos.

The project, mainly the urbanization, had good repercussion mainly with the young ones. Some of the older people found the concept of the church to be quite dissonant from the common constructs of this type, but they were quite attached to the complex as a whole.


Jonas Oliveira

I am a student of architecture and urbanism at the Centro Universitário Estácio do Ceará, in the city of Fortaleza, Brazil. Work modeling and developing images and videos of architectural projects.