“Scandinavian” has a simple Scandinavian design. These visualizations have living room and bedroom. The interior is dominated by white and gray colors, but the house is filled with warmth thanks to a specially located light and color accents. The furniture consists of modern and minimalist elements that blend beautifully with the current white walls, large windows and visible wooden structure. To minimize resources you can turn your space into a cozy interior. This is the perfect place to relax.

All rooms are painted in white for a feeling of purity and freedom. White color is the opposite of busy life and active lifestyle. The room is filled with natural light and fresh air. There are also a lot of decorative elements such as paintings, books and plants. The interior has a lot of textile in furniture, wood and leather materials. The wood is presented in every room and provides a natural feel to this home. This makes it possible to create coziness and comfort in a small space.

I used 3ds Max to build the scene. Corona renderer engine is used for texturing and lighting the scene. The scene is lightened with HDRI map. Finally, couple of tests are rendered to get the correct settings. Photoshop is used for retouching the image.

I received a lot of positive feedbacks from clients and other people. People, usually like the white color and simplicity in interior. Scandinavian is very popular style nowadays. This projects was a good practise for my modeling and rendering skills.

Ksenia Mokhova
Interior designer, CGI artist

Ksenia Mokhova