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Seasonal Residence Villa

Seasonal Residence Villa

Ravil Nurgisaevich
February 8, 2017
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Villa is designed for seasonal residence of family consisting several people, especially during the warm season, with taking into account the local climate. The villa is located in a mountainous area, in details, mountains are located behind the building, nevertheless the roof of villa has autonomous heating and placed with a slope of 10 degrees backward for immediate melting of snow during the cold season in order to make water flowed over the fence. Exterior walls of the villa is made of heat-insulating glass of high strength. ​Layout of the villa is unusual: there is a separation wall which divides the house into two parts: the sleeping area and the relaxation area. There is a huge swimming pool in the courtyard of the villa that harmoniously blends into the environment together with house.

Before designing a villa I wanted make the maximum transparent house. Because of this, in this project thin double-glazed windows instead of thick walls. This project has a very simple layout: one wall divides the house into two parts such as residential area and sleeping area. Roof has a slope because of climate of the location and thereby facade looks dynamic and unusual.

Since I am an architect by profession, at first I make a draft and some minor sketches of the project in paper then I reproduced the design with the help of software like Autocad, 3ds max. These are general steps whenever I make a new project.

Mostly people like my project and they are delighted with the outcome of the project, but naturally, there are those who express their opinions it can be good, and some offer advice on minor changes with regards to the details.

I would like to someone realize my project.

Ravil Nurgisaevich

My name is Ravil Nurgisaevich.
I'm Architect.

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