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BIS 2018 Wishes Cards

BIS 2018 Wishes Cards

BIS Studio
February 20, 2018
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The idea was to make a kind of creative wishes cards for our clients and we would show another aspect of our work. We would give to our clients a beautiful object to keep with us, so we choose to create a series of 4 different kinds of illustrations.

This series forms the year "2018" (with one different number by card) and each card got a different kind of design.
(one design is a vector illustration, one other is a spray paint illustration, one other is photomontage and the last one is an illustration made with pens).

Through this work we would to show our graphic design & illustration skills.

One again, the idea was to create something different than our clients used to see anywhere.
To make it possible, we chose to not design just 1 wish card but 4 wishes cards (each one in a specific style and each one representing 1 of the 4 numbers of 2018)

For the material we have selected a very creative paper, a 400g silver metallic paper.
To print on this paper, we chose to apply just 3 colors : deep blue, black and a special white ink.

This colors combination printed on this silver paper is for us the colors who represents winter and this period of a new year.
All this colors are cold:
- Silver / grey represents : weather
- Deep blue represents : cold
- White represents : snow
- Black represents : night

We used a lot of tools to create this séries:

The card "2" - was designed with a pen on a paper and then redesigned in Adobe Illustrator.
The card "0" - was designed with a spray paint can on a paper and then modified on Adobe Photoshop.
The card "1" - was designed with some photos on Adobe Photoshop.
The card "8" - was designed with a pen on a paper and then modified on Adobe Photoshop.

- The layout on the verso of each card was made with Adobe Indesign.
- We used a Nikon D7100 to take some pictures of our project in our own photo studio.
- Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop were used to modify some colors after the shooting.

And finally Adobe Photoshop was used to showcase our work on too.

Our current clients were very happy and impressed by this project;
The details level and our colors choices were a nice success.

Some of our current clients have recommended us to their friends after received the wishes cards because of this creativity with print.

The graphic design was made by : Hugues Carrere & Lilian Chevallier

our behance account is :

Hugues Carrere :
Lilian Chevallier :

BIS Studio

Graphic design studio based in Toulouse, France.

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