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Selvsikker -The First Date Kit for Man

Selvsikker -The First Date Kit for Man

Brian Liu
April 11, 2017
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Before your first date, the morning preparation could be the most frustrating after searching all night on Yelp looking for the most rated restaurants. You need to think of what to wear in the morning. You want to make sure you looks good and attractive. And we are looking for a solution for the morning preparation for every guy’s very first date. Selvsikker is the solution of the morning preparation for every guy's very first date. With a strong focus on functionality, Selvsikker is a fail-safe solution for you to reply on.

Starting from researching what is already existing on the market. We have discovered that no one has done this before. So we change our direction to take a look at existing men care products. All of them have the similar color palette, that's when we decided to go with a minimal, and clean look.

Mostly using AI and Photoshop. Start from sketching out layouts for the labels, then we picked some of our favorites and lay it out in InDesign. Considered its legibility, hierarchy and the way each information were present. We then come up with a solution. After the first label was created, applied the same principle throughout the whole product line to ensure the whole brand have similar look and feel.

I think what people(at least my friends) find it most attractive part is their minimal look and the detail of the materials that I used. I think what I learned the most is targeting your audience and know what they like, and through research, express the solution into graphics.

But definitely wanted to hear more feedback and suggestion from around the world.

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