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Sibuna Winery - Visual Identity

Sibuna Winery - Visual Identity

Luiz Arthuso
May 23, 2019
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Back in the Ancient Egypt, when a pharaoh died his soul would be honored with parades, music and recitation of the Book of the Dead, in order to be delivered to the god Anubis. It was a ritual of passage, they believed that his life and kingdom would continue in another realm.

After the ritual, the pharaohs would be taken to their tombs and buried with the most valuable belongings of their journey, like jewels, ornaments, thrones, and even food.

The creation of Sibuna's project was based upon the ritual of savoring life with what is supreme, always seeking the best combinations and experiences. Given that, its two founders decided to resurrect a very popular recipe from the diet of the pharaohs and the Egyptian culture: a blend of wine, honey and dates juice.

The symbol was based on the minimalist representation of Anubis, the Egyptian god with a jackal's head who was protector, guardian and guide of the dead, also directly associated with mummification. The choice of representing Anubis was due to the fact that it was linked to the ritual applied to the pharaohs when taken to their tombs.

The chosen typography was intended to bring a good understanding and to suggest to the public the reading of the name backwards.

The colors chosen for the design bring sophisticated tones, making a direct connection to Egypt and its culture, creating a sense of a night drink.

Luiz Arthuso

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