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Sierra Tarahumara

Sierra Tarahumara

Rebeca García
September 25, 2018
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I made a roadtrip to the north part of my country that touch my heart, we went on a friends car all around Mountain range, so full of life...deep soul people, plants, trees, green walls and nights full of stars, amazing pottery, multiform rocks with an endless white cloud highway .This is how I remind it ?

I bought this mini crafted palm box, called worries dolls (its an and in tradition actually)...You have to tell this dolls your worries and afflictions before you go to bed and they will take them away, This one box have on the inside this little Tarahumara dolls, which made me think in this universe, and It make me think about all Wonderfull things the I saw, all this cloudy bright space full of trees, all this mystical people that attract me so much, all I can say I love my country and my roots.

I imagine this little universe and started making some little craft boxes, people, giant rocks, animals, suddenly I remembered mountains, trees, clouds, highway, and it all became part of a composition I made a sketch on a sheet of paper first and then I worked on Photoshop and Wacom tablet.

People use to like the combination of colors, the life on it, they said to me this colors are so nice! they have life, people like also the composition, the theme, México, the drawings and the story telling in the illustration.

Rebeca García

Mexican graphic designer and Illustrator, her work is based on self experience, feminism, road trips and what involves her daily life, want to exalt her roots and mystical issues of Mexican culture.

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