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Sketches and Lines

Sketches and Lines

Nisha Thomas
November 13, 2018
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I have started working on these simple illustrations when my friends have asking for prints to frame these. Most of the times these were customised in order to suit the requirement of their character. These sketches represent the dreams and peace followed at the end of the day to live in a world of your fantasy- far away from the stressful routine.

These ideas have popped up out of my love for minimalistic sketches for kids' books which always contains variety of cute characters, bright colors. I wanted to make a balance between bright colors and line drawings which will provide highlight to the overall sketch. Later, I have started developing these kind of art to suit the requirement of my friends who wish for a copy to be kept in their living room, bedroom etc which best represents their cuter version/ character in the form of a drawing.

I have always wanted to own a wacom cintiq but however, I still haven't got one for myself and hence I decided to master these drawings smoothly using my macbook pro trackpad. Over a period of time, I have noticed I can draw smoothly without a pen, tablet or even mouse.
Most of the times I use Adobe Illustrator for my quick sketches as it's easier to get the lines and strokes very smooth. In case of digital paintings I prefer to do a mix of Illustrator and Photoshop.

Most of my folks have been impressed by these creations, which led them to request for their customized versions. These kind of projects helped me realize how far people love to see themselves or their best represented character in the form of drawings. Lately even minimalistic illustrations have been widely appreciated. It is much happiness to notice demand for such artwork being on the rise.

Illustration and art in general is something to master over the years. We never get it all right at the beginning, however, time proves to bring out the best of your talent. It all takes patience, practice and never-ending trust in yourself to get it right. Believe in yourself even if the appreciation is late to follow.

Nisha Thomas

I am an illustrator - passionate about kid's illustrations and quick sketches.

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