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Sleeve: A Pendant LAmp

Sleeve: A Pendant LAmp

Neetica Pande
May 15, 2018
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Sleeve is a pendant lamp with minimalism and characteristic in its design. The lamp draws inspiration from both traditional and modern lamps where the intensity of light was regulated manually or electrically like the oil lamps which had a regulator to regulate the wick for the flame or the modern lighting system which controls the intensity with the help of a remote. Sleeve achieves the same with the help of two types of glass; transparent and frosted. The lamp is multifunctional which creates ambient or exposed lighting by adjusting a simple feature, the Sleeve.

The materials were chosen to enhance the functionality of the lamp. The colours of the lamp create an impact even when the lamp is not switched on.

The idea came to me when I saw a lamp that belonged to my great grandfather. It had two types of glass frosted and transparent but used in a completely different way. It is very simple but looks very elegant. The lamp has a wick system to adjust the light.

In Sleeve, the Frosted glass disc is placed exactly above the sheet metal base which is a part of the metallic sleeve . On rotating the sleeve, the light passes through as per the position of the disc and the glass. The placement of the disc is aligned with the slit which is either transparent or frosted. The transparent glass highlights the inherent aesthetics of Sleeve through the slit while providing ample lighting for the space. Sleeve makes a visual statement with the frosted glass enhancing a thin strip of light while providing a soft and gentle glow which makes it fit impeccably in any environment.

The softwares used in the project were Solidworks for Modelling along with Keyshot for rendering. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator was used for editing the renderings and making the picture fit into a scene which makes the product stand out at its best . The process followed by me was sketching a lot of designs for a beautiful looking pendant lamp and then modelling the best ones out of those in 3D. They were tweaked according to whatever looked the best and the most aesthetic. The final one was chosen after a lot of iterations and then rendered on Keyshot.

The Pendant lamp is the perfect combination of innovation, aesthetics and function which makes it works well as a stand alone object, as well as together in coherence highlighting the entire space. Sleeve has a design which is rooted deep into both traditional and contemporary objects.

I learnt a completely new aspect of designing lights. Lighting has a broad category under which both practicality as well as functionality has to be achieved. Thus finding the right balance was one of the biggest thing.

Neetica Pande

One comment on “Sleeve: A Pendant LAmp”

  1. Hi,
    I am an architect for renovation of buildings and shops and discovered your most beautiful lamp Sleeve. I´d like to know details like luminous intensity. Could you name me a shop, that runs these lamps in Austria or in Germany?
    Congretulation for this wonderful produkt!
    Kind regards!
    Ursula Lička

    ursula lička
    sanierung / umbau / renovierung
    gallitzinstraße 25
    A-1160 Wien

    [email protected]
    0664 18 71 031

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