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Spiral Tower by Federico Ciavarella

Spiral Tower by Federico Ciavarella

Honey Adraque
April 3, 2016
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The project is inspired by the new project by Bjarke Ingels (BIG) in New York called 'The Spiral' and so is where the name came from. Read on and enjoy!

I collaborate with a New York based studio of architecture who work often with the client who will built this skyscraper, and so I decided to give it a try with the visualization of this project to increase and show my skills. After see the visualization of the project I decided to do a personal interpretation of it, and so I started to look for images that could inspire me about New York, each image was not planned from the begin, the work flows while I was making the images.

- Federico Ciavarella

After having the general idea of how each image would be, I started to model the building, adding details gradually. The shape of the building was a little complicated to do, I had to try different way to finally find the right one. As for all of my work I use 3ds Max, Vray and photoshop. I think is instinctive, I saw the visual of this project and my mind started to think on how I could do a personal version of it, and after few days I started the project without having a clear plan, but that is beautiful part of the creation.

- Federico Ciavarella


The challenges were 2, the first one is the modellation of the shape of the building, which it narrows while it grows with the green terraces, the second challenge was the match of the model with the background, I used all the tricks I know to make it look integrated with the photos. As it is a personal work I had to do no revisions, but I look my work hundreds of time before be happy about it, and honestly I'm never completely happy when I publish it, I just realize I have to stop work on it.

- Federico Ciavarella


About Federico Ciavarella

Federico Ciavarella is a 33 year old 3D artist formed as architect. He works as a freelancer from 4 years with client from all over the world in his studio in Florence, Italy. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.

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