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Nicole Kelly
June 28, 2017
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Suhū is an exterior wood bench which invites our instincts to sit down and enjoy on whichever side you prefer, improving social relations and generating proximity in its interior and isolation in the exterior. Your mood decides for you, the way you want to use it.

This project was made in a team of four. We were inspired by the nature of a tree in its wild stage. The exterior bench is made up of three unique pieces harmonising with no particular fixation. There is also an iroko board with tubular iron legs. From its core to its bark, the tree allows us to reflect tradition, strength and beauty in the wood.

We started drawing different shapes until we got the final one which allowed us to have different opportunities to connect with people and create different spaces thanks to its modular character.
Due to 3D tools, we could tested the shapes of the legs and the combination of the materials and their finishes.
Finally, we've made models and prototypes up to scale to test its structure and strength.

People loved it, but design it never has an end. For that reason, we're still thinking about the way the iron legs and the wood get in contact. But there is a important point we wont want to change; no fixation between the three parts.

Nicole Kelly

I'm a half Irish half Spanish Product Design Student who's actually living in Madrid. Curious, versatile and determined. Always willing to learn and build my own language and style. Also interested in the behavior of people and how design grows around us.

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