SUNSETGREEN- this concept of relaxation zones in the house chutney. This is the place where you are alone with yourself and nature, indoor plants, which are so fond of home owners have filled the entire space. The evening-especially great time for Leisure time favorite book.

All ideas start with the customer’s wishes. Potted plants, many plants udbny soft sofa, here are the basic requirements. The atmosphere is cozy, and what should be in the relaxation zone.Dark shades of green, refurbishment of the walls also bring comfort to the room!

I used to work:3dmax – modeling, Corona render – visualization,Photoshop – postprocessing. It was necessary to achieve the cold white light, so I used corona sky. Statement of the frame and the composition was as important when creating images.The process was a pleasure to every detail, and try to show them I was!

I hope people will appreciate my project. Each new work-experience, which I will use in the future. All the while trying to raise their level of visualization. I like to work on a project, and I hope you will find it interesting! Thank you, good luck guys!

Nikolay Shevchenko

Specializes in creating powerful marketing CGI solutions for architecture and product design.