Warm is more than the average art gallery made of concrete, white walls and structures that intimidates everyone who enters the space.

The biggest belief at Warm is that ‘art is about people’. Located in the west part of Sao Paulo, the gallery has a coffee and a lot of happy faces to welcome the visitors. Whether it’s for an exhibition, a party or just an afternoon working in a nice place, everyone at Warm will be happy to help you. The old house gives the final touch: brick facade, wooden floor, warm lights and an informal vibe gives people a cozy feeling.

The architecture, the furniture, the visual identity, the coffee, everything is planned to help you remember to question the status quo in art galleries, to question everything that is stablished and follow you heart. That’s why everyone receives special attention and every brand material is carefully stamped by one of the members of Warm. Textures and letterpress work is there to express touch as a different way of understanding the design. Everything to remember that people are a important part of Warm and they should never be separated from it.

Many tools were used for this project. Because it has to bring certain values and that special touch we went further than the usual illustrator/photoshop/printing. All the materials were carefully printed and handcrafted. From the stamp in every material to the gluing of different kinds of paper together and the use of letterpress printing. Everything had to feel personal and warm enough to touch people.

It was really well received, not only digitally where it has already been posted many times in different blogs, instagram and even selected on behance, but also offline. People could relate to the project and feel how personal it was.

Lucas Andrade

We are Arnold, a graphic design studio in São Paulo downtown. Almost five years ago we started the studio as colective of friends, together we invented the projects we wanted to do and helped a lot of clients, small and medium ones, to find their own way to communicate.