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Windows and Colour palette of Italy

Windows and Colour palette of Italy

Chirag Shah
July 12, 2018
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The windows and colour palette of Italy is a project that started with an obsession that grew in me when I first moved to Italy. The different types and shapes of the windows are something that has been very interesting to see when walking was the only transport for most of the time. This is an illustrated product of photos taken of windows in different cities that I have travelled to during the 6 months I have stayed in Italy.

The Idea just came to me when I posted a picture of a set of windows I had seen in Italy on social media and everyone loved the symmetry of the photo so much that they thought it was an Illustration. So I thought why not make illustrations of the windows that I have seen in Italy. The inspiration for choosing the colours came from the actual buildings and windows that are there in Italy. The colour palette is very pastel and beautiful.

I used Adobe Illustrator.
I started off by importing the images of the windows that I had clicked. Pen tool and the shape tool were the tools that helped me start and get the basic structure ready. I started with the bigger parts of the windows and then moved on to the details and shadows.

It has just been a day since I published my project and people are really liking it. Requests for sending post cards and prints have been made. Its been a positive response. The fascination of clicking symmetrical windows led me to this project and I learnt that we all just need to be aware of our surroundings and look for inspiration from what we see in our daily life.

Chirag Shah

I am a Visual Communication Designer from Pune, India. Constantly learning and looking out for great opportunities to broaden my design knowledge. Research and process driven problem solving are my key strengths.
Interests : Branding, User Interface Design, Typography.

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