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Żela | Identity by Ewelina Orlowska

Żela | Identity by Ewelina Orlowska

Marianne Piano
February 15, 2016

Żela Project is Ewelina Orlowska's personal identity for her handmade projects. The character was represented by rats; an unlikely-to-be-liked creatures, however, Ewelina aims to show a different side of them. Read on and check out this amazing arts!

Żela is my personal project for a handmade stuff, which is my another craze. It's about rats (BANDITOZ), moles and other "dirty" creatures. The idea behind Żela project was born a few years ago, but it wasn't fully precised until 2015.

- Ewelina Orlowska

zela identity_10_ewelina orlowska

zela identity_9_ewelina orlowska

I had some vision for it, but it didn't satisfy me. By the time my friend accidentally called me "Zela" and I thought that it's smashing and expresses me perfectly. I decided to use this name for my handmade project.

- Ewelina Orlowska

zela identity_8_ewelina orlowska

zela identity_7_ewelina orlowska

zela identity_6_ewelina orlowska

Story of choosing rats is very simple. Many people just don't like them, so I wanted to break the stereotypes and all those bad symbols given by the people to show that rats can be a nice creatures also.

- Ewelina Orlowska

zela identity_5_ewelina orlowska

zela identity_4_ewelina orlowska

Identity for the Żela Project is maintained in character of rats. I decided to use "dirty" and restrained colours for the labels and keep it in the mood of worn-out things.

- Ewelina Orlowska

zela identity_3_ewelina orlowska

zela identity_2_ewelina orlowska

zela identity_1_ewelina orlowska

The fabrics I use are also in the same tonality, slightly patterned and carefully selected to bring a tiny drop of sophistication for the whole creation.

- Ewelina Orlowska


Ewelina Orlowska (Wel) is a Graphic Designer with a multidisciplinary background from Gdańsk, Poland. She is most passionate about packaging and editorial design. In her projects, she tries to deliver unique and smart solutions engaging the audience and balancing between playful and refined design. See more of her amazing artworks in Behance.

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