DefenGuard by Milan Chudoba

This project is a responsive web design for a Slovak security oriented company offering complete integrated security solutions and services to customers worldwide. Read on and enjoy!

The company is one of the few in the world that offers facilities for the protection of properties. The client needed a redesign of his several years old website and I have to do that 🙂 cause that’s my job.

– Milan Chudoba



It was necessary to show’s visitors what the company deals because this area is not strictly the usual. I chose 4 main slides of four areas on different backgrounds. The most difficult was to create a clear product with animating signalling symbols.

– Milan Chudoba


The creation of web design uses only Photoshop and illustrator for icon design. I got the ideas from Behance and dribbble but it was very difficult to find something that would correspond with this area .. its hard on this issue already find anything.

– Milan Chudoba


It was important to decide about design as one page or not .. I finally decided one page was a better option. The first one was fine but the worst part of that was to find correct images to the slider because the terrain is very specific and clients could not agree which direction we go, so it was several hours surfing on istockphoto.

– Milan Chudoba


About Milan Chudoba

Milan Chudoba is freelance designer from Prague, Czech Republic. He is so passionate about branding, UI, UX and Web design. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile or website.