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A Bunch of Simple Pleasures by Marcus Villaverde

A Bunch of Simple Pleasures by Marcus Villaverde

Honey Adraque
August 5, 2015
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A Bunch of Simple Pleasures is a small project that Marcus Villaverde is working with his girlfriend. It is a zine showing off the small pleasures they both enjoy in life, especially when things have changed for them. These are a handful of drawings that will be included in the zine.

The inception of A Bunch of Simple Pleasures started off when Marcus was doodling these simple figures doing average and everyday stuff while having lunch at a fast food restaurant­. He then thought it'll make a fun series to do. Along with his girlfriend, they thought of all the different simple pleasures that they enjoy together and through their personal lives. They wrote them down and Marcus drew it. First on paper, then they took it to Photoshop. Simple Pleasures started out as a personal project but now they would want to share it to the world.

- Marcus Villaverde





A Bunch of Simple Pleasures is still in the works, with the couple still trying to find the best way to illustrate each simple pleasure in a cute doodle. Some simple pleasures are being drawn and drawn again just to capture the essence of that simple joy in life. They play on releasing this project as a zine when they find the time to do so.

- Marcus Villaverde




About Marcus Villaverde

Marcus Villaverde is a freelance illustrator and visual artist. He has always been creative and talented in art since his elementary school days, but he did not explore the world of art and design until he moved to the Philippines to study multimedia arts. He is currently residing on Guam where the sun's heat run the streets and the dolphins run the seas. You can find more of his works on his Behance profile.

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