Administration and Commercial Building

• Architect Mahmoud Elgarbah
• Location Eastern region, KSA
• Area 15900.0 sqm
• Consultant Almubarak engineering consultant
• Constructions Value $ 41 Million
The movement toward sustainable building designs is driven largely by the environmental- sensitive building designers. Therefore, it is necessary to design our buildings in a parallel way with this contemporary trend.
The consumption reduction of commercial buildings’ energy is a major contribution of this strategy to provide a fundamental paradigm for the local development market. In other hand, the required brief for a building essentially relied on passive energy systems in order to produce a premium grade building.

Firstly, this project strives to create an architectural trend, which is regionally sympathetic as well as grounded in the context and community of its place. Otherwise, we cannot fall back on superficial fads or historical “style” that is common in this region today. Moreover, we recommend in this unique context of this place a new architectural trend that sensitively responds site’s specifications and client’s needs.
Secondly, one of the most expensive building cost is the mechanical system, which is used for heating and cooling. Thus, this applies to the cost of the whole system in addition to the cost of its running and maintaining t. Consequently, by using smart design and incorporating low tech louver systems these costs will be reduced to help regulating the amount of heat gain in the summer and use the maximum production of solar energy in the winter. In addition, the solar shading system of the exterior building’s façade blocks a huge amount of solar radiation from entering the interior spaces, which reduces HVAC installed costs of the equipment down-sizing as well as minimizes the operating costs of the cooling loads.
Thirdly, louvers are used to decrease heat gains, direct sun exposure, summer’s glare and the heat loss in the winter as an energy efficiency system. Moreover, shading louver system is one of the most effective ways to reduce air conditioning loads, while offering designers the opportunity for distinctive architectural impact. On the other hand, it creates a façade of a seamless visual connection between the light and shadows. Furthermore, sunshades add a sense of modernity to the building’s façade that reflects simplicity and functionalism.
Finally, the building is equipped with a double skin façade that supplied by districted heating and cooling system. The thermal mass and heat waste are consistently used with a very low energy consumption. Thus, solar panels will be used to generate a portion of building’s power in order to reduce the dependency on traditional power sources. Finally, parts of the exterior’s solar shading form is an aspect of the prescriptive design requirements in the new Standards of High Performance and Green Buildings’ design.

Usually, I use AutoCAD for modeling, 3dsmax and V-ray engine for rendering and finally Photoshop for post-production.
First of all, to model the building was done by AutoCAD. Then, I started building the full scene in the simplest way as possible with full details. In my opinion, it is very important to give a special attention to the details of the model to get a realistic result. After finishing the 3d modeling phase comes the choosing materials’ stage before we do the lighting. Subsequently, lighting is one of the stages that must be designed cautiously. According to me, HDRI lighting technique is one of the most useful and realistic ways to generate a very responsive and accurate result. Lastly, Final Rendering shots have been post Produced by Photoshop in order to correct colors and balance the scene’s contrast.

Every time I started a new project, I considered it as a piece of art in a technical mold to serve the users and meet the requirements in the process of designing for humanity. And then, if the design has been accepted, it means the hard work pays off, but if it hasn’t, in that situation I need to be aware of the weaknesses as well as I need to find fulfillment inside the work itself.
Thank you for reading this.
I hope you enjoyed it Please comment on it below.

Thank you for reading this.
I hope you enjoyed it Please comment on it below.

Mahmoud Elgarbah

I am a dynamic and ambitious architect with seventeen years experience in various projects and constructions on luxury houses, home units, industrial and commercial buildings, educational, urban design, heritage and conservation, and health. Since graduating from the University with a Bachelors degree in Architecture, I have worked in highly skilled experts from the fields of architecture and design in Saudi Arabia.
I possess impeccable technical and computer skills with advanced knowledge of AutoCAD, 3D Max studio vray, Microsoft Office, Adobe and other graphics communication programs.