Autonomous vehicles are nearly next to our real life. The AlphaVein project aims to figure out the future infotainment system of a self-driving car. From the joy of driving to the joy of riding, the paradigm is now shifting. AI robot and vehicle will make harmony together.

This project started with the question ‘What would be a replacement of the steering wheel in fully autonomous vehicle?’ And the answer from my perspective is that AI robot is possibly the strongest replacement, for the new infotainment system in the self-driving car. That is the reason I put a little AI robot into the dashboard of the autonomous vehicle. The robot looks cute and friendly so it can attract people touch and feel it without fear to cutting-edge high technology.

The beginning of the project started with hand sketching. Then I mainly used Adobe photoshop to develop 2D sketches and renderings. Once the design is fixed, I used Autodesk Alias to create 3D models. In terms of this project, I used a 3d printing to build robot mock-up and also CNC milling was used for making dashboard part. The mock-up process, I got help from 3d printing expert at a workshop in South Korea.

This project was displayed on RCA (Royal college of Art) degree show 2016. I found many people have similar interest with me and some AI expert from the industry showed big interest and shared ideas. People especially wondered how the robot works and what does the robot do in the future car.

It costs nothing to imagine the future. I believe what people imagine will become a reality someday.

Sangmin Lee

I love to imagine and visualize the upcoming future through ideation, sketch exploration, clay modeling, 2d and 3d software.